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Before You Hire A Harford County Based Disc jockey (DJ) Read This….

If you are planning a wedding reception or Other Event and need some entertainment, you will have several choices. Entertainment for events can be created by a live band, dancers, magician, or through the services of Disc jockeys (DJs). A professional Disc jockey (DJ) is a good choice because they can ‘play’ (entertain) any audience, whether those above 60 years, teenagers, or young children. A good Disc jockey (DJ) can customize the “show” so it becomes more original or more interesting to your guests.

There are several types of professional Disc jockeys (DJs) . In general a Disc jockey (DJ) is someone who provides entertainment via ‘music / emceeing’ (such as keeping your reception lively) for wedding reception. They create entertaining & interactive moments throughout a wedding reception so there is not a dull moment.

Disc jockeys (DJs) can also serve as your event’s emcee, offering announcements, introductions and interactions with the crowd. Professional Disc jockeys (DJs) can work inside a home, in clubs or bars, churches, halls, schools, etc. no matter where you have chosen for your wedding reception to happen — the location and surroundings are no issue with a professional Disc jockey (DJ).

Disc jockeys (DJs) are able to come to a specific location to entertain. A professional wedding or Other Event Disc jockey (DJ) arrives fully prepared with their audio, visual & all all their other equipment.

Unfortunately just about anyone can claim to be a professional Disc jockey (DJ). This happens to be an extremely popular job title, meaning that you will probably come across some amateurs pretending to be the real thing. There is a considerable difference between an amateur Disc jockey (DJ) and a professional one. Depending on your budget and event, you may be able to get away with hiring a less-experienced Disc jockey (DJ) . If, however, your wedding reception (as is usually the case) is important to you and your guests you will have much better luck if you choose a professional Disc jockey (DJ).

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Not all professional Disc jockeys (DJs) are created equal. Each Disc jockey (DJ) will have their own style, types of equipment and costs. The ‘trick’ to finding the right Disc jockey (DJ) for your wedding reception is careful research. Researching and interviewing a Disc jockey (DJ) before you choose to hire them will help make sure that you pick the perfect one. Here are some key facts you need to know before you choose a Disc jockey (DJ).

What Kind of Disc jockey (DJ) Do You Need?
There are different types of Disc jockeys (DJs) and lots of different kinds of services they can offer you. Before you set out looking for a Disc jockey (DJ) for your special day, you need to know what you are looking for. It is a good idea to make a list of what you want for your reception, so that you can narrow down your search to Disc jockeys (DJs) who can fulfill your needs.

“You have done a great job in the past for our
Halloween parties and we were once again very
pleased with your effort at the party for the Girl
Scouts. The music was upbeat, fun and appropriate.“

–John and Marilee Streett
(Perry Hall, Bel Air, Maryland Girl Scouts)

Are you just looking for someone to play some music during your wedding reception or Other Event, or do you want an entertainer that knows their (your) audience, can emcee (master of ceremonies)? A quality Disc jockey (DJ) will encourage your guests to get involved in the festivities, making announcements and therefore make your special event more lively and most of all even more special!

Is your wedding reception going to be a wild party, a sophisticated affair or a classy event? All of these factors will determine which Disc jockey (DJ) you will want to choose. Some Disc jockeys (DJs) can do it all: perform music styles everyone will enjoy, get people involved quickly and with sheer delight, announce special people and keep the party going.

Some Disc jockeys (DJs) will simply talk too much and ruin the feeling of your event. Some Disc jockeys (DJs) will offer interactive games, dancing, etc.. It all depends on the individual Disc jockey (DJ) and the skills they have.

The style of a specific wedding Disc jockey (DJ) will be determined by their personality. You will want to determine in advance what atmosphere you are looking for so that you can find a Disc jockey (DJ) with a personality to match it. You will also want to have an idea of the type of music (styles) the Disc jockey (DJ) will play during your event.

Not all Disc jockeys (DJs) can entertain every age group (though 99{925fe169b6b5d9a2c8b70eb2bcbb34b2a504d6e56e139b7323098c5da58b15a4} of them tell you they can just to make a few extra dollars on the side).
Do you want your wedding reception to be a fun and talked-about for all the right reasons the next day? You will need to find a Disc jockey (DJ) who can cover your specific range of entertainment.

This all means that you must be very specific with how you want your event to go. Knowing how you want your wedding reception to feel beforehand will go a long way in helping you find the right Disc jockey (DJ) for the job!

Finding a Harford / Baltimore Area Disc jockey (DJ)
Locating a Disc jockey (DJ) in your area is relatively easy. Odds are you will be able to find a few dozen of them without really trying. The best way to narrow down your search to one professional Disc jockey (DJ) for your wedding reception is to make a list of potential choices, then do a little bit research to “weed out” the less-than-perfect ones. There are many places that you can look to find a professional Disc jockey (DJ) who operates in your local area. Here are a few choices:

Recommendations from friends and family
You probably already know someone who has used the services of a professional Disc jockey (DJ). Anyone who has thrown a party with entertainment has probably booked a Disc jockey (DJ). Ask for referrals from people you can trust. Ask your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers or anyone else if they have ever used a specific Disc jockey (DJ) before.

You can also ask places that frequently host special events, such as churches, dance halls, school, trade-show exhibitors, or synagogues which Disc jockey (DJ) they prefer to use. Ask your source if they were happy with the service they received. Ask them if they would recommend this specific Disc jockey (DJ) to you. You can even ask about the cost of a specific Disc jockey (DJ). Good recommendations are often hard to find, so if you are able to find someone who can highly recommend a specific Disc jockey (DJ) you may want to hire that person.

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Online searches
You can also use the internet to find local Disc jockeys (DJs) . A simple Google, Yahoo or Bing search will probably yield a few dozen results. You can start by typing in “Disc jockey” plus your zip code. You can also try something like: “Disc jockey harford county” or “DJ Towson Maryland” to see how many companies operate in your area.

Traditional advertising
It is possible to find a local Disc jockey (DJ) through traditional advertising techniques. Traditional advertising refers to newspaper ads, TV commercials, radio spots, banners, flyers and even signs. In general, the better and more expensive the advertisement is- the more successful the Disc jockey (DJ) is. But it is not advised that you choose a Disc jockey (DJ) based solely on their advertisements! Use traditional advertisements to find potential choices for your list, but be sure to do your research before you make your final decision.

Online consumer review websites
Online consumer review websites are a very helpful way to find local Disc jockeys (DJs) because you can read reviews from previous customers. This gives you a chance to find several Disc jockeys (DJs) in your area who already have a number of positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Once you have looked through all of these sources, you can compile a list of potential choices. You can have as many potential choices on this list as you want, but it is recommended that you have at least 5 Disc jockeys (DJs) to choose from.
As you know, the Disc jockey (DJ) that you choose will play a very significant role in your special event, so you need to take the time to make the very best possible decision.

You can either call John direct  (443) 417-4396 or fill in your details on this page for a very detailed / concise price quote.

There are a lot of factors that will go into your choice. It is recommended that you do some research on each Disc jockey (DJ) on your list of potentials, and then compare each choice to determine which will be the best option for your wedding.

Potential Problems
Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you hire the wrong Disc jockey (DJ) for your wedding reception. Odds are this event is very special to you, and the Disc jockey (DJ) choice you make could mean the difference between a perfect event and a ruined one. Here are some things that could go potentially wrong if you make a poor decision:

Horrible show and service
Just about anyone with a ipad, a few CDs/MP3 player and some speakers can claim to be a professional Disc jockey (DJ), but that doesn’t mean they can produce a professional-grade show. Without professional-grade equipment and an experienced Disc jockey (DJ) your event’s entertainment could end-up embarrassing you and your guests. Also, it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to make a wedding reception entertaining, something that not all Disc jockeys (DJs) possess.

A great Disc jockey (DJ) will know what types (styles) of music to perform, when to say the right lines or perform the best songs, how to ‘play’ (entertain) to a specific crowd, when to speak and when to shut-up. All of this knowledge comes with experience. A less-than-experienced Disc jockey (DJ) could end-up performing the wrong music and or jokes offending your guests or generally ruining the atmosphere.

A lack of accountability
It is important that your Disc jockey (DJ) shows-up and does the job they agreed to do for the agreed upon price. If you hire a low quality Disc jockey (DJ) — because they were the cheapest you may not receive this amount of accountability. Some (low dollar) Disc jockeys (DJs) may not bring the right types of equipment, or the right types of clothing, or they may do a poor job.

They may not act appropriately (such as drinking & smoking during your reception). In short, without a good contract you could end-up paying for a low-quality job. High-quality Disc jockeys (DJs) are responsible for the work they produce and can be held accountable for it.

Not showing up on time
It takes time to set-up all of the equipment required for a Disc jockey (DJ) for a wedding reception. All of this equipment must be set-up and ready to go before the event is supposed to begin. If you hire the wrong Disc jockey (DJ) they could show up late or worse- not at all!

No back-up plan
All event Disc jockeys (DJs) must have backup plans…..

1) What if it rains?

John did a wonderful job for us. Our event was an outdoor school function “Sleeping under the Stars”.
We got rain, lots of it! It did not matter to John, he just move the delicate equipment out of the rain and kept playing.
He was extremely flexible and very professional. Great with the kids (grade school) and worked very well and accommodating with the adults.
We used him for 4.5 hours. He also gave us a great price. We hope he is available to use again next year.
Thanks John! -Michelle S.

2) What if a speaker blows?
3) What happens if their props get forgotten?
4) Will they still be able to create the atmosphere you want for your special day?
5) The power goes out during your reception. Now what?

Yes! You may pay a little more but high-quality Disc jockeys (DJs) plan for “problems” so you do not need to worrry about the extra stress. They have extra equipment and are ready to deal with potential “issues” (so you do not need too). Low-quality Disc jockeys (DJs) leave you out of luck when something bad happens.

Being overcharged
You will sign a contract with any Disc jockey (DJ) before you hire them. This means that you will have to pay the Disc jockey (DJ) only if they fulfill their contractual obligations, regardless of whether or not they did a good job entertaining your guests. If you choose a low-quality Disc jockey (DJ) , you could end up feeling like you have been overcharged for their services- and no one likes that!

Because of the risk of these potential problems, it is vital that you choose a high-quality Disc jockey (DJ) for your wedding reception.

High-quality Disc jockeys (DJs) are professionals. They take pride in what they do and consider their presence at your special day to be an honor. Good Disc jockeys (DJs) want to do a good job, not only so that you will help enhance their reputation and their business, but also so that they can locate future business through your guests.

Bottom Line…..
The best way to determine whether or not a potential Disc jockey (DJ) is a high-quality one is to perform your research and to interview each candidate before you decide to hire them. This means checking up on their reputation and asking some very specific questions.

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